Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What WOMEN want the MOST?

After going crazy online reading, I find it is better for me to share what I’ve read. The title of my post might catch your attention. Indeed, it is. Based on research done, these are top 5 what women want in man, I meant physical attributes.

1) Sense of style

2) Handsome Face

3) Height

4) Muscular Build

5) Fitness

So, do handsome faces out there going to feel worried with the handsomeish? Watch your girl, because handsomeish with sense of style, yours might be tackled!


a kl citizen said...


ya ke tu??
for no.2 tu, should be 'interesting face'
setakat hensem, tapi macam blur je pun tak catchy gak...

aurikelsan said...

i prefer good look than handsome face..xsama hokeh...handsome man is to be adored tapi good looking guy --> utk dimiliki

~~my fifty cents

nn said...

agree! most of the boys/men i like have sense of style tapi tak ada lah hensem pon. but to me, theyre cool! :P

phsyco said...

nasib baik aku nie good looking...wakakkaa
good looking ka?

Frazi A said...

kl ctzen:btol, kjian ni tlh djlnkan dgn telus katanya..inilah jwpn2 yg dberikan olh wanita2

surya:good looking huh..kewl, plus sense of style..wow!

nn:yeke, mmg, but one of my frens, if u look him u might fall in love, he is damm hndsome with sense of style,got height,nt tht muscular...he quite fit..nahh..not fit enough


azila said...

da most important thing..da cleanliness dat not mosf of guy had!!!-http://benashaari.blogspot.com