Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can you be categorized as Fashionista!!!!

Entry for today is about fashion. Everyone loves fashion, even struggle to it. Do you like fashion? Do you always take some times in front of the mirror mix match your outfits before you go out? Do you care what people wearing? Do you find out that your money always goes to full fill your wardrobe? Do you spent some money for GQ magazine, Teens, Cleo and so whatever every month? Ok, calm down; let me tell you, you are FASHIONISTA!

If I earn a lot of money, I will be one of the group members (hahaha) However, I have to satisfy myself to others that I need most. I heard before someone is willing to “die” for fashion(woo...dasyat!) While I’m laid-back watching my favorite channel, TCS5, there is a promo about the drama series called “Privilege”. The promos of this drama series used a song that caught my attention. It is quite tough for searching the song where I do not know the title and who sang it. Luckily, I found it (yeay!) The song entitled “Fashionista” and sang by Jimmy James. This song suite the runway show I guessed. Up beat and party kind of song..luv it! Can i be the runaway model?(dlm mimpi je..wakaka)

Fashionista by Jimmy James - Download

nota kaki:
*in fashion today you in tommorow u might be out (memandai je ak)
*lagu kegilaan daus kini
*roti canai Aminah mmg sedap
* i dreamed having lots of branded product (buy me one pls?)


aurikelsan said...

i love fashion suka tgk jela, nk mix n match sndri xpndai mana pun...prefer simple n moderate.. As for muslim girls, mencari fesyen yg seswai agak mencabar, tuntutan agama & keperluan berfesyen harus selari

Frazi A said...

wow, ustzah surya katanya, hebat belaka, selagi aurat dpt dtutup stil x da mslh lg nk berfesyen, tap pndpt ini mgkin dtentang olh golongan konservatif (wakakaka)

paperclip said...

for guys is abit different
hardly to find a guy in campus who merely like to fashion...
except me...hahaha
i hv my own style..
simple yet unique.. ehemmm
but everyone hv their own taste
that we hv to respect each other preferences..dont argue.. but just critisize...

Frazi A said... police!