Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Archeries

kegilaan memanah melanda KTGB, 3 org pemanah yang hebat akan cuba mengharumkan nama PF, haha, semlm we having our first training, huhu, gosh, it's hard than what we imagined, the string is xtra harder to be pulled..our first attempt is bad, 'bengong', worst ever, not even terpacak kat board pun.kemana2, paeng lagi la, ke atas segala, nasib x da org joging kat atas tu, kalu x...haha, never mind paeng, practice makes perfect! We've been distracted! distracted by the 'mosquito'..haha, the iranian is so annoying lah,si gemok tu.. ckp tu la, ckp ni la..sibuk jak!haha, never toward the end we manage to handle it well. Daus's shot is quite good, he experienced..hmm, well we try our 'worst'then, hoping it will be ended soon. i leave you with a few photos where we look great having the bow n arrow in our hand!jealous huh?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

celcom ni..

iskk sejak akhir2 nih, coverage cm x elok..i'm hving difficulties posting updates..stress la, line bukan F.O.C, ingat ak ni taukey ayam ka? i'm spending most of my time in coll, but the coverage here (KOLEJ TUN GHAFFAR BABA)sucks! pls la, those who in charge do ur job!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

pemilihan bowling utk SUKAM

sbnarnya i'm not tht excited to join but since i've get the opportunity to full fill my spare times, why not? sorry to say to mr. x, the selection is unfair!! ak yg bergegas balik jam 1.40pm semata2 utk smpai jam 2ptg utk selection go home with dissapointment. it was not about my performance but the attitude and value showed by mr.x, again sorry, no offense. ada ka dia left 1 spot out of 3 just for him to play for the real match. he did not mention tht but i knew. i know la beb, i'm experienced..than he said, today selection is based on skills and scores. oh my, skills???? we should based on scores. those who scored win!so what a waste going for selection. i'm not saying i'm good, and i also always ready to be rejected. no heart feelin' la. sebenarnya i just give my comment, to whom who may concern.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nak ckp BM lah

since i've got "0" comment in every post, so i should start using BM lah..ok, semlm merupakan hari balik kerja plg awal, awal2 pun jam 1.40 pm juga, i pack my stuff n walking like the world gonna end..haha, puch card sharp at 1.40pm, leave the others without feeling guilty..nasib x di 'cekup' si P utk ke meeting. khabar berita pagi ini semlm those who going for meeting habis kena brainwash. kesian mereka, x apa la, take it easy pal. setiba di kolej jam 2ptg, no electricity plak, hidup dalam kepanasan. el nino ke hapa? just thinking i'm having sauna, i start marking all the answer sheets (my school having monthly test)..tup2 my phone ringing..i wonder who? rupanya ibu kepada student form 3. form 3? since when i'm teaching form3? she explained a bit details, haa,!!oh..oh ya, i taught her daughter for tuition couple weeks ago, she asks me whether i can give my service to her daughter, hell no!kenapa pulak akak ni nak sgt ak m'ajar,.. sorry i've to praise myself, she said "teacher, my daughter really, really, really understood when u taught her previously" ..xda la sampai dia sebut 'really' sampai 3x..haha, then she wants me to take over the tuition at tmn u, ingat tht tution centre tu ak punya?hehe, i've no bad feeling of her, she just a mother who concern for her daughter, like every single mom did. if she read my blog (impossible!) i'm sorry, i can't do that. maybe some other time i can..but for now, my schedule is tight..after i ended the conversation, i'm thinking, if we put all our best in everything we do, i'm sure we'll be rewarded..sooner or later..haha..

Monday, July 13, 2009

sorry .. maaf..

It’s been a while I’m not updating my blog, what kind of blogger I am? Sorry, indeed very sorry, sometimes I really busy making everything keep in track. Ever since I left my blog without knowing having it, I felt I’m not responsible to what I’ve started. Let past bygone, I try my best in throwing everything come across me from now on and hopefully the others could free to leave a comment. I really need it. I’ll improve myself to be excellent in everything.

New semester has just started, meaning the day onwards will followed by workload. As been informed, I’m working and at the same time studying. This semester would be my second last semester for me to full fill my dream to be a master degree holder. You know what, the number of teacher who has master degree still less and I’m strongly believed with my guts that a brighter seats to those who have it.