Thursday, December 17, 2009

25th Sea Games - Football finals!

I am not a big fan of football, but sometimes I can get myself crazy of it when people around keep talking, defending their point of views of the teams they followed. So, today is a big day for Malaysia. The Malaysian will fight their best against Vietnamese. For Muslim, I remind myself as well, we’re coming to the end of year, and this Maghrib prayer will be the New Year.

As Malaysian citizen I do hope our players can bring glory to our country. Don’t put too much hope, they might disappoint us! (haha) At 6.00pm channel yourself either TV3 or RTM to see the effortless struggle of our proud citizens players.

Goal Keeper: Ahmad Sharbinee Allawee
Defenders: Aidil Zafuan (C),Muslim Ahmad,Nasriq Baharom,Mohd Sabree Mat Abu
Midfielders: Safiq Rahim,Baddrol Bakhtiar,Fakri Saarani,K. Gurusamy,S. Kunanlan
Striker : Norshahrul Idlan Talaha

Is the history will be created? For sure the spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH is there!


aurikelsan said...

yeay...i wish i were at home today.. leh tgk kt TV sambil bersorak ramai2 ngn cousin. and ofcoz aku sokong malaysia tapi xmau letak harapan tinggi. msian players are known to let they supporters down.

Frazi A said...

surya: "msian players are known to let they supporters down" i like that!! hahaha

From The News said...

tahniah malaysia!
best game ever

Frazi A said...

FTN: YEAH!COngrats!but 4 me, stil got some room for improvement!