Wednesday, January 28, 2009

KAMI the movie

What a wonderful life, spending my holiday watching movies (hahaha). I'm very happy to share what i've watched. Ok, lets start with KAMI the movie, this is a great movie to be wactched! Actually before it became a movie i'm totally a die hard fan of this tv series. I never miss it ever. When it moved from drama series to a movie i'm intense to get to know what would happen to the five good friends in juggles their life as teenagers. This movie was well actioned by Ali (Syarul Ezani), Lynn (Liyana Jasmay), Abu (Nas-T), Sofie (Juliana Evans) and Adie (Zayanah Ibrahim). They had carried their roll very well. Indeed, they all are teenagers. Well done guys! Malaysia still has it backup actors and actresses then...Drugs and indie band also be one of the highlight in this movie. I'm sure those who haven't watch it out there thrills to watch it yea! This movie already been in cinema last year. I just had the opportunity to sit back and relax to enjoy it.


Nowadays, paintball ain't usual to Malaysian, especially among teenagers. I do love watching paintball game, but I have not get the chance to try it. I wonder if i can be one of the paintballers, i would definitely do kind of crazy acts like a G.I JOE did! (hahaha). Guys and girls out there, paintball is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a "paintball") usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas (HPA or N2) powered paintball gun (or marker)


Games can be also played either indoors or outdoors and take various forms, of which some of the most popular are woodsball, scenario, X-Ball and speedball. Rules for playing paintball vary widely, with most designed to ensure that participants enjoy the sport in a safe environment. The sport requires a significant amount of equipment.

A game of paintball usually involves two opposing teams seeking to eliminate all of the other team's players or to complete some other objective, such as retrieving a flag, eliminating a specific player, or other paintball variations. Depending on the style of paintball played, a paintball game can last from seconds to days.

Paintball equipment varies depending on the type of paintball game being played and the skill level of those playing. Every player; however, requires three basic pieces of equipment.

  • Mask: Necessary for players' protection.
  • Complete paintball marker: Guns usually also require some sort of loader/hopper and propellant to work (CO2, nitrogen or compressed air).
  • Paintballers: may instead rent equipment from a paintball facility

The most common gas propellant is CO2 and typically comes in the three sizes of 9 oz, 12 oz and the 20 oz. The bigger 20 oz tanks can fire 500 to 1500 shots depending on the efficiency of the marker. Due to its low cost production, the CO2 propellant is of lower quality compared to compressed air. CO2 also sometimes malfunctions when the outside temperature goes lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while compressed air can withstand much more temperature change.

Compressed air tanks will come in 3000 and 4500 psi variations which can be anywhere from 45ci to 92ci. The 3000 psi tanks can fire anywhere from 500 to 1500 shots depending on the gun and 4500 psi tanks can fire anywhere from 1000 to 3000. Compressed air will also give more consistency and accuracy.

Regular paintballs are made of a gelatin shell filled with food coloring and vegetable oil. The gelatin shell is designed to break upon impact, however, ricochets may occur. There are many types of paintballs, such as glow in the dark paintballs for use at night, scented paintballs, formulations for winter play, and more.

So what are you waiting for? get yourself in, chill out and have fun with your friends! (me too)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally it's holiday!'s holiday! is it? yeahhhhhhhhh... im so damm relieved..i have spent my entire weeks this january for working, studying n bla..bla...1 week holiday for me, none other than having 8 hours sleeping, 3 hours 'movieing', 4 hours 'tving', 2 hours window shoping (hahaha)...n the rest for day dreaming..2 days i will be in my lovely n peaceful kampung parit lapis : ] Then On wednesday onwards i will be back in college, settle down things that should be done.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Travelling as well as completing assignment

Online sources are geared towards convenience, first and foremost students be able to commit to their assignments given in their own comfortable pace. Ever heard about internet? Internet is required to access online sources. Today, everyone can access the internet everywhere and anytime with a gadget called modem. There are various types of modems sold, you can find it with different kind of shapes and functions.

I do have a modem that i bought 3 months ago. Mine is sort of thumb drive, Blue Cube brand, supported with the memory stick SD, 2 GB. As for me, i fully utilized for my needs. Students and worker like me do use this tech stuff. If i need to travel with my assignments, i don't have any problems. What about you? Please free to comment..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mereka yang mempunyai laman web, check it out!

Hasil daripada pembacaan blog kawan2, 1 informasi yg perlu diketahui oleh pemilik2 laman web sekalian.. Google telah mengemaskini Page Rank buat kali terakhir buat tahun 2008.

"Page Rank Checker is a free tool to check Google™ page ranking of any web site pages easily and to display your site's PageRank™ value on your web pages"

Maka, camane pula dengan laman anda? Adakah ianya meningkat, menurun ataupun tidak berubah daripada kemaskini yang lalu?..Bagi yang masih tergaru2 kepala memikirkan apakah itu Page Rank? (sesungguhnya telah diberitahu dalam ayat bahasa Inggeris diatas), ianya merupakan salah satu cara Google gunakan untuk memperlihatkan keputusan pada enjin cariannya. Lebih tinggi Page Rank anda, lebih tinggi peluang laman anda diketengahkan dalam sesuatu hasil carian.

"where do we go...where do we go now?"

"Where do we go...where do we go now?"...hehe, tu antara bait2 lagu 'sweet child of mine' by da famous lagend band, 'Gun n Roses'...where do i go huh? lately i usually spent much of my time playing indoor games...y dont i use BM instead of English?...mmm...ok la...kalu ikut citarasa sndiri x best la plak sbb org lain nak baca kan..tap ada ke org nak bacaaaaaaaaaaa.... ka? : ( ...KTGB da 1 bilik yg d lengkapi dengan meja ping pong N meja pool...haha..pastinya penghuni2 akan teruja, terkesima, terkedu, terbahak-bahak, terkelu, tergamam, bila dgr ada meja pool kat KTGB nih...wah!!! lagi2 mamat2 yg gile dan obses dengan sukan nih...bilik ni ada kat ground floor blok xa1, tapi masih t'dapat lagi penambahan alat2 sukan spt dirancangkan belum lg spenehnya dilaksanakan seperti meja karom, dan dart...(tau2 je la staf2 kat KTGB nih...rajin la sgt) seperti bagi mereka yg ingin dan berhajat utk bermain perlu la p booking dulu kat pjabat kolej ye...sebarang simpati dari pihak2 yg x berbuat demikian tidak akan dilayan...

Alkisahnya, kami-kami udah kasi lanyak, henyak segala masa cuti sem yg maklum sajalah dengan status yg kami ada skang kan...aku yg buta main pool ni pon sampai tmimpi2, bak kata pepatah mandi x basah, tidur x nyeyak, makan x lalu dek kerana nak main pool segala...hahaha...kat bawah ni aku tunjukkan aksi2 yg d tunjukkan oleh mereka yg d katakan hebat..hebat ke? hebatttttttttttttt sesangat kat bilik indoor games nih...

y Aku Frazi?

dis question had been asked to me lately..'aku' means me, i luv me, me luv..hehee..Frazi is my name..! my full too long to write da full name F****** Frazi is more easier to remember n quite commercial though..hehe...

Friday, January 2, 2009

my very 1st post...he3..

mmm...what should i write huh?..i'm new in using this sort of tech stuff, so don hesitate to giv some commets of our frens juz left us to pursue his dream last week...he's no longer hanging out wif us like before...i do felt so sad coz i juz get to know him bout 2 day be4 he left us, i hv composed a 'sajak' called 'mengapa pergi..,' dedicated to his going.. i'm hoping my words wil touch every single heart to those who read it...

'Mengapa Pergi......'

mengapa pergi...

melangkah kaki menjauhi diri

terus pergi dengan lara hati...

mengapa pergi...

sedangkan hadirmu mengubati

sedangkan katamu menyejuk hati

sedangkan lagakmu mengusik diri

mengapa pergi...

aku cuba mencari erti

kenali diri menginsafi memori

kini kutemui penghujung dicari

mengapa pergi...?

kau pergi mencabar diri

pertahan watak maju dicari

cita dan iltizam terus digenggami

jaya dihadapan bukan mainan mimpi

kisah aku, kisah kamu....

kisah kita kekal selamanya..............