Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What’s up guys! We almost leave April in a few days. A lot of dramas happen. Feeling happy, sad, nerve breakings are a few feelings that I had faced. Five days before my last paper still does not make me feel worried to get my books open. Hahaha.. I did feel it, but the joy that surround me blinding me about my finals. Today I’m very happy..wait! Not that ‘HEPI!’, WHY? Maybe it is because I’m a teacher. Teachers’ Day is around the corner. I’m wondering whether I will be appreciated by the students. Indeed, I’m evil nightmare to morning session students! Hahaha.. But things look different for the afternoon session. They look me with hope, success (all the positive things lah!) So whatever..I’m blessed because I do have job, earn some money, surrounded by lovely and caring friends (terasa tak pf2 ktgb?). What cheer me most today is one of the student came to me and said “cikgu, nanti saya bagi cikgu hadiah masa Hari Guru”. He speaks sincerely, that is what touches my heart. I pray to Allah, so that all my students will get positive values from me. For your information, I’m in class now, I’m not feeling well, my head is like been pulling ups and downs, left to right. My PK1 just observed me in my math class. I feel nothing, whether it’s good or bad, I ‘tawakal’

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4.00 AM

I’m awake! Why I’m so early today? Prepared for P&P, read some notes for the exam next week, bla..bla..bla..Today is my big day! My school choir will be competing with others school in Johor Bahru district. Why I’m so nervous for them? I’m helping them sing in tune for more than 1 week. So, even much they will be carrying my name too. GOSH! What happen if they loose? I guess my evil ‘PENGETUA’ will have reason to put me in ICT, handling the computer lab, so whatever about the stuff..BORING…BORING…BORING…I’m hoping my choir sing their best and give their all, although the practices always limited by time. Pray to Allah the Almighty everything will be fine. I have accomplished so many works that need to be done for the moment, and then I rest my case… a lots coming next week…

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I did it! Am i?

Hi! (simple and sweet greeting as i'm smiling with my dimple, that makes every single girl's heart melt out). This will be my first entry for April and it should be the best of me (I hope so). I've been kept all my stories in mind since in February n Mac, but i can't find space of time to share to all. the word "BUSY" always bring me down, even though it seemed not. What an excused! to Mr H, sorry seems to be the hardest word LOL caused makes you waiting so long for my news. But feel no worries, i do save it for the last. Actually my plan is to write my very 1st entry on early February as it shown my best performances (HAHAHA). I won 1st in bowling tournament guys! it was well organized by my residential college (KTGB). Even proud i do shine in group category! what a game! wait..! My success stories wouldn't is not ended yet, i enjoy 'make my bed' competition in one of the shopping complex around JB, wow..me and my mate was perform great! it is nice and wonderful having cheers from the girls! (mars n suria) hehee..u go gals!Next, i also won 2nd in bowling tournament in individual and group category organized by tuition centre. But i felt pity for my partner that day, he over reacted! DAMM! I hate him passionately...