Saturday, November 28, 2009

How u can be the next Orlando Bloom or Jennifer Garner?

Today entry is all about living in the healthier lifestyle. Students mostly have their food outside (university, collage etc). Here are the tips on eating outside: Choose low fat foods. Add more vegetables or beans to main entrees to increase fiber content. For example, wisely choose:

• Clear vegetables soups instead of cream soup
• Laksa asam instead of laksa lemak (Hadi)
• Soup based dishes instead of fried dishes
• Chapati, thosai, naan instead of roti canai or murtabak (t’ingin nak makan roti canai kat aminah)
• White rice instead of oily flavored rice

To all my friends out there, it is better to prevent than cure. I do prefer having the snacks but I try to reduce the amount of it before I have my main food. Do take into consideration of your balanced diet! otherwise you will be start complaining or comparing about your looks to others.

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