Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daniel Craig's secret!

Are you a fan of Bond movies? If yes, then Daniel Craig is not unfamiliar name for you. “He got his six packs, mine?” Have this line across your mind before? Did you want to have body like him? Secret is no longer a secret then. It is now revealed.

You can start the week with a full-body power circuit of 7 muscle-blasting moves, and perform 3 circuits of 10 reps each.

Tuesdays: Do your chest and back

Wednesdays: Do your legs

Thursday: Do your shoulders and arms

Take the weekend off, but do some stretching and easy cardio such as a swim or a mid-paced run.

Do I have all the packs now? No, I surrendered. I can’t even discipline myself following all the steps. I can’t and maybe YOU can!


BeaN MorENo said...

hm...ko peminat bond ke bro???

Frazi A said...

bean: dlu minat mkin bkurang skang, almklum jela byk benar2 movies2 yg best2 skang..haha