Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol: Top 24 (Girls)

I’ve been waiting to watch they all perform. Sadly to say I’m disappointed with my favorites. Hoping the guys will do better. T _ T

-till then tata


::aMaD:: said...

haha..ko pon layan??
aku pon.hahahaha
tp aku suke judge die..hihihi

atreyu strange said...

Who's your fav? I love Didi and Lilly!!! And I think they did perform well.

aina adnan said...

american idol bes..!

Frazi A said...

amad:haha, layan...judges mmg cool..

jen: paige miles, siobhan,katie, haeley vaughn, katelyn ..heee

aina:yes!aidol mmg besss.

atreyu strange said...

haeley was disappointing. katie is okay but aku rs suara dia shaky sket la. aaahhh, still, didi and lilly's the best!

Frazi A said...

jen: yap, 2night dont miss to watch how the guys perform ya!!