Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad Romance!- Gaga

Wild, edgy, sexy, one of the kind! All the words suited Lady Gaga. Bad Romance, wow! Another hit tracks from you girl! I bet Kate Perry lost the battle since Gaga born in the world of American’s entertainment! I will be more than excited if I get a chance to see Gaga performing live.


atreyu strange said...

You can never compare Katy Perry to Lady Gaga. They have a very distinct style, vocal and music. Maybe you should compare Lady Gaga to Madonna - now that's your competitor Madonna!

Frazi A said...

Oh my dear, Madonna is a legend. Never ever compare new comer with one who had recorded lots of hits songs. Anyway, thanks jen! Luv hears somethin’ from you!

nota kaki:
corby sihat?..haha

atreyu strange said...

Madonna is legend, and Lady Gaga is heading that way too! Katy Perry? Hmm, tak mungkin lah! Haha!

Nota kepala lutut:
Corby sihat dan ceria. Lol!

Frazi A said...

oh yeah!mmm..bila agaknya ak akan kedapatan hp baru jen?..kasehan la pd ak..hahaha