Monday, August 10, 2009

lunch @ George n Dragon cafe

WOW..hehe, last sunday pergi lunch @ cafe, first i decided not to go, but thinking how much they put their effort to make it happen, akhirnya ak pun pergi la...tq so much..muahh..muahh..u guys never let me down la..Form 6 SSI is damm damm damm good!haha...i really njoy my lunch although i'm not into western food..but ok la, sometimes i felt awkward, everytime we hving program u guys always give me present..n everythin' free plak tuh..i hope u guys keep in touch wif each others n always remembered that i'll never stop giving advices n supporting u guys from behind..the atmosphere in tht cafe is great..i felt i'm having lunch di ireland plak..since the owner is irish lady..

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