Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Travelling as well as completing assignment

Online sources are geared towards convenience, first and foremost students be able to commit to their assignments given in their own comfortable pace. Ever heard about internet? Internet is required to access online sources. Today, everyone can access the internet everywhere and anytime with a gadget called modem. There are various types of modems sold, you can find it with different kind of shapes and functions.

I do have a modem that i bought 3 months ago. Mine is sort of thumb drive, Blue Cube brand, supported with the memory stick SD, 2 GB. As for me, i fully utilized for my needs. Students and worker like me do use this tech stuff. If i need to travel with my assignments, i don't have any problems. What about you? Please free to comment..


paperclip said...

yeah... the world is moving faster..
it is the world of gadget now
students do need such technology like that
and also the campus admin need to improve the wifi in the campus tho

butterfliesinthestomach said...

usin such gadgets in our daily lives reali make things be easier...ala,dunia da maju,suratkhabar berita pon kecik...hhehehe...lbey kecil,lbey trampil...

HiKaRi TeiShuKu said...

the internet quality as in the speed is ok or not? since i'm using maxis wireless BB b4 and the speed is really slow... thinkin to move to celcom..