Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally it's holiday!'s holiday! is it? yeahhhhhhhhh... im so damm relieved..i have spent my entire weeks this january for working, studying n bla..bla...1 week holiday for me, none other than having 8 hours sleeping, 3 hours 'movieing', 4 hours 'tving', 2 hours window shoping (hahaha)...n the rest for day dreaming..2 days i will be in my lovely n peaceful kampung parit lapis : ] Then On wednesday onwards i will be back in college, settle down things that should be done.


luvMEteddy said...

hehe...aiya incik...senang lenang ko ehhh....hehe

Frazi A said...

mm..cuti, sng lenang la weh..kalu x cuti tensen segala