Friday, December 14, 2012

Sorotan 2012

Tup tup ..

Nak bungkus dah
Nak tutup kedai dah
Nak tutup kelambu dah
Nak tutup lampu dah

Mari kita mengimbau *kemain
Detik2 gula-gula 2012

1. Maranya Forward ke national finals dgn menepati sasaran 1 award + ke-3 keseluruhan
2. ISSME - membentang kajian *kemain di International Seminar Science Mathematics Education
3. M.Ed (Physics) *kemain
4. 4531/2

Alhamdulillah.. Semua dgn izinNya


aurikelsan said...


frazi said...

tq suryaa..

Lex Kamaruddin said...

dah Master kah? wow..
bile nk choww dr kpm? haha

frazi said...

malek: alhamdulillah.. tunggu saat istiadat bagi2 sijil bagai je.. choww? glUppp.. ada tawaran menarik ke?

Sabreena Lo said...

congratz cikgu :D semoga lebih success next year!

frazi said...

sabrina: tq. wishing you all the best too. 2013... lets kick axx!! :)

Anonymous said...

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