Monday, September 7, 2009


time: 9.48 pm
date: 7 sept 09
day: monday

I do worry about my father right now. He is alone now. My sister just drops a massage saying that, she had to go to hospital right a way. The doctor needs to check my father’s medical record. Allah almighty, I really hope everything is going well. Before this, my father does suffer from high blood pressure and sudden disabling attack causing paralysis stroke.

On the other way, thanks for the cake anyway. But the happy moment not stay long, suddenly blown away by whom did that decision. How could you. Do I say I agreed? The answer to my question that I have been waiting for one and half years is now revealed. The word friend is easing to say and hard to mean. By burden me with two worries? When I mad, I try to control my anger by being silent. If it is too much to control, I can be very loud with harsh words.

Thx to mr s, mr p, ms d, mr a and mr hi. I appreciate for your endless support. All of you remain in my heart. My paint and secret are yours, and yours are mine.


ctee_mars said...

wat two worries u mean? hmmm...

anyway..really hope ure dad is fine, nuthing kritikal happened. Be strong.

Frazi A said...

xpela la dimaapkan kalu x phm, thx 4 the comment