Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nak ckp BM lah

since i've got "0" comment in every post, so i should start using BM lah..ok, semlm merupakan hari balik kerja plg awal, awal2 pun jam 1.40 pm juga, i pack my stuff n walking like the world gonna end..haha, puch card sharp at 1.40pm, leave the others without feeling guilty..nasib x di 'cekup' si P utk ke meeting. khabar berita pagi ini semlm those who going for meeting habis kena brainwash. kesian mereka, x apa la, take it easy pal. setiba di kolej jam 2ptg, no electricity plak, hidup dalam kepanasan. el nino ke hapa? just thinking i'm having sauna, i start marking all the answer sheets (my school having monthly test)..tup2 my phone ringing..i wonder who? rupanya ibu kepada student form 3. form 3? since when i'm teaching form3? she explained a bit details, haa,!!oh..oh ya, i taught her daughter for tuition couple weeks ago, she asks me whether i can give my service to her daughter, hell no!kenapa pulak akak ni nak sgt ak m'ajar,.. sorry i've to praise myself, she said "teacher, my daughter really, really, really understood when u taught her previously" ..xda la sampai dia sebut 'really' sampai 3x..haha, then she wants me to take over the tuition at tmn u, ingat tht tution centre tu ak punya?hehe, i've no bad feeling of her, she just a mother who concern for her daughter, like every single mom did. if she read my blog (impossible!) i'm sorry, i can't do that. maybe some other time i can..but for now, my schedule is tight..after i ended the conversation, i'm thinking, if we put all our best in everything we do, i'm sure we'll be rewarded..sooner or later..haha..


aurikelsan said...

crazi dear, (crazi =cikgu razi)

Bersungguh2 akak tue nk ko ajar anak dia..buat home tuition la..extra work means extra money beb..

Frazi A said...

ya, ya.. more money more troubles..haha

aurikelsan said...

apa plak more money more troubles.. that depends on how u handle the money..haha

adakah aku berjiwa materialistik??

Frazi A said...

ya, ya ur right surya, but nt totally..hehe. ko material lipstik la!..bahaya byk keje ni, once i spoil everythin' goin' up n down. let the priority lead the way..