Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pearl Island - Day 3

maaf dipinta awal bicara cehh cehhh
nk mengadu sikit..
inilah tempat ak mengadu 'sakit'
sentimental part of me.. ahaha

sguhpun jalanan jauh
luas permandangan..
terselit rasa !@#$%

from the day, u ask me to write my name
u actually did a mistake!
your true color almost shines!
a mistake that u knew u did

don't hide behind your innocent face! wth

+ having popia (not real name) to back u off

making it worst..
so pathetic!

i want to see more of you..
and i actually got it!

remains calm + quite + innocent
(in good way)
is my type..

or else..

the hot larva of merapi that burnt to death
define what will happen then..

pretending knowing everything
makes you dumb.. eh! dumbest ever!!

because not just a thing.. many!

+ talking behind my back! almost bad things!
+ dominating that used to be all mine

you maybe one or more.. but not that more!
like cancer!

i want to have monochromatic laser ..
with super duper wavelength

directly pointed to it close t0 1 cm haha
that can totally remove it..
not just remove
la kan..
destroy .. burnt to ashes!!

what you gives you get back! eh macam lagu pulak!
i don't want to elaborate more on this..

let those idiots with their 'idiotism

i miss my real buddies..
need no names to be mentioned.. you know you are!

p/s: white water river rafting is so dammmm challenging+thrilling+exciting outdoor activity i done this year! that will be my benchmarking of my others next.

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