Friday, January 22, 2010

Samsung Nuffnang Color Me Corby Carnival - I come, I play, I lost, and I have no regret

Last Saturday on 16 January 2010, I was invited to Samsung Nuffnang Color Me Corby Carnival. As mentioned in previous post, the event was successfully organized at Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park. The registration starts sharp at 9.30 a.m. I find myself jumping up and down as I arrived there. I’m not expecting the crowd that big. With spirit of 1 Malaysia, I hardly tell, I’m not feeling myself discriminate. We’re one!

1: read the sign carefully or else you get LOST (haha)

2: "Are we hot enough to be at the registration table?" (haha)

3: big crowd!oh yeahhh

I line up patiently; tense is the perfect word described those people in charge in registration table. Good job girls! You served us well! Everyone got goodie bag which consists of a breakfast coupon, group t-shirt, tattoo sticker and a voucher which entitles us to purchase Samsung Corby phone at a cheaper rate. We’re been grouped by our t-shirt color. I got white one. Frankly speaking, I don’t even care what color I get, I come to have some fun!

1: "hi, my name is Hafiz, nice to meet you.."

2: bean..stop flirting! (haha)

3: shahrol you ain't cute enough though..(haha)

4: wait for no more, down we goooo!

All participants then proceeded to the deck for light breakfast and a briefing session. One charming guy takes the stage. He is one and only, Mr. Liang. He is the one who makes the event light up. In brief, here's what we were required to do to win the phone or cash. There were 4 games to be competed among the 4 teams (Orange, Pink, Yellow and White). For each game, 50 points will be awarded to the winner; 20 points to the first runner-up while 10 points for the second runner-up. At the end of the event, each member of the team with highest accumulated points will go home with a brand new phone by Samsung.

1: "we gonna have fun the fullest!"


3: "Listen guys, or else i'll sing hindustan song!" (haha)

4: "energize n be energetic with sandwich n soya drinks" Me

5: jen or jen*** stop gossiping!

The games are:

1st game: Bursting the balloons (get yourself stomping)

2nd game: Tug of War

3rd game: Wall Climbing

4th game: Paintballing

Here is the recap what had happened.

1st game: Bursting the balloons (get yourself stomping)

I bet this game needs no introduction. Ten peoples are needed. I step myself forward. But geez, once the first match began between Yellow and Pink team, the atmosphere turns crazy. Everyone was super duper wild, they all like gorillas, trying bursting opponent balloons. The rest seems happy looking all having fun. Which team won? Orange team won.

1: Power Puff nuffnangers!

2: " come my kungfu kick!..watchaaa"

3: "don't blow the balloon to big, or else we LOST"

4: "what kind of food you preferred the most?lets find at sunway piramid!" (Haha)

2nd game: Tug of War

“Everybody lets move to other side. Now we’re going to play Tug of War. Get yourself wet!” said Mr. Liang. Each team was required to send 5 girls and 5 guys to participate. This game need someone who got strength, I meant big ones. Unfortunately, majority of my team members are all skinny type, including me. How can we pull this off? Finally, my team won 3rd, while the orange team once again won 1st.

1: "Arghhhh...are you guys afraid with us?"

2: orange team beat them all

3: "i thought we gonna have synchronize swimming..." (Haha)


5: yellow team won..why? because they all big size (Haha)

3rd game: Wall Climbing

Everyone get a chance to climb unless you won’t. The rule is easy, climb up the wall and grab one balloon down at one time. If more than one balloon were taken down, the team will be disqualified. The team with the most balloons collected in 5 minutes wins. This game was definitely harder than it looked. Despite having experiences in bouldering, this was really tough especially when the route way up on the wall to reach the balloons was just unreachable. I hurt myself when trying to lift my body up. So at the end, the organizer changed the rule as there were complaints saying that it was unfair for the other teams because the White team had the easiest route among all. Hence, the new rule was, which ever team that climbs up to the top and tap the wall the most wins.

1: " we're waitinggggggggggggg....."

2: " mr cameraman, am i hot? how about this pose, ok?"

3: "it is not a superman or aeroplane...."

4: "i think my kangkang can made myself to the top!"

4th game: Paintballing

This was the final game which everyone was waiting for because our fates depended on it. It was also the match whereby additional points will be awarded to the winning team. Lucky 10 members of each team will be playing. It is hard for my team to choose who will be playing.“Who want to play?” said Jeremy (Team Leader). Almost everyone in my team raised their hand. Oh lord, oh my…

So we give priority to those who had played before. Only a few had experienced paintballing. The remaining six spots we choose by lat tali lat tali tamploi…hahaha..Thanks Jen, because of you I’m in. Then the fight begins! It was very exciting, nerve-wrecking and full of cheers each time two teams battled in the field. I got shot! Luckily, not at my face! The final match was the Yellow team against Orange team. We lost. White always lost, why? Haha.. Once again orange team dominating the games.

1: "stay outside or you guys get shot!"

2: "look at my real tatoo, nice huh!" (Haha)

3: "1,2,3...pose!"

4: "i can't wait to shooooooooooooooootttt !!"

5: "i don't care i'm not in the game, i can practice myself"

6: what a day! i want to spend my time here all day long...."

7: "get ready!"

8: "if you guys want to have handsome face like me, wear your mask! or else you look like Gollum.." (Haha)

1: ladies n gentlemen..i proudly reveal the winner for SAMSUNG Color Me Corby is.... ORANGE team!

2: "i'm speechless"

3: "everybody, sing with me! jong jong inai...mak ipung raja wali.."

Once everyone had filled up their grumpy stomach, it was the finale of the day - prize giving ceremony! As expected, Yellow team emerged as 1st runner up while Orange team won the Grand Prize, CORBY!

1: " least we won something...yeahhhh"

2: IGNORE the colors, we're ONE! ONE big some love yoooo...!

All the way from Johor to Samsung Nuffnang Color Me Corby Carnival really worth it! Although my team (White) lost, I have no regret. I’m very pleased meeting new friends. Jen, Khelmi, Aus, Shahrul, Bean, Ween, Suria, Samuel, Jeremy and etc you guys are rocks! Thanks Nuffnang for inviting me! Go nuffnangers! Hopefully we'll meet again!


BeaN MorENo said...

hikhikhik...xmenangpun least new experience...

aurikelsan said...

nice meeting u.. hihihi

Aus said...

oi..ko baru nk update ke..
sekeh kang..

Frazi A said...

bean: xpa kah?hahahah...suka dlm duka..boleh?

suria: cet!hang kira da slalu xpa la..nice meeting u too..

aus: haha,..ak kan dlm kesedihan..mengigau corby tiap2 mlm..hohohoh...

luqman afiq razali said...

dude mane name aku kat happy meeting new friend?

Frazi A said...

luqman:hahaha..kelupaan ak..ak lupa nma penuh ko..hahaha,..nggak apa la..lgpn kt ctu byk gmbr ko..huhu..

|arieza| said...

wah seems like u were having great fun there. so jealous. i damn miss sunway lagoon!! was studying in sunway college for A level 5 years back.. hehe terasa diri sudah tua :p

Frazi A said...

yeah, quite fun..but i get back with empty hand..haha..scollege! tua? mm,dont bother with age, it's just a number..

ween said...

well-written entry pakcik. menang corby kasi kat aku je la, HEHE :D

atreyu strange said...

Hang tulis baguih sgt asal? Tanak kasik chan kat aku lgsg! Huh! Aku nak Corby!

muhammad safarin said...


Frazi A said...

ween: menangkah? kalu mng bagus jugak..thnx..amin..kalu ada rezeki ada la..kalu x pn x pa..

jen: erk..erk..ko pnya tu pn apa kurangnye..sempoi je,, suka suki je ak baca..

parin:mm, ok ko parin

Aus said...

ahahaha..yela wei..
aku klik la ko nye..
aku xcakap je..
mls nk taip..
aku klik sbb nk tgk iklan..cantek..haha..

Frazi A said...

aus: ala..ala..ala..sadisnya ak dgr..hehe..slain iklan pn ada ramai amoi cantek yg blogging d cni..muahaha